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We have two types of site visit quotes. The first is a FREE Quote, Measuring area coverage and the second is £45.00 and includes a full written quote by a qualified surveyor that will identify any underground hazards, see details below.

Our qualified site surveyor will carry out a cable scan that will identify the following

  • locate street lighting cables
  • Location of bends
  • Location of junctions
  • Identification of utilities
  • Service connections
  • Locating through concrete reinforcing
  • Depth measurement (where applicable)
  • Using Sondes for nonmetallic pipes and practical work
  • Hands-on locating using receiver; transmitter and accessories



Please Note; Your quote will include the

  • surveyor I.D. proof 
  • cable scan results 
  • driveway installation quote
  • invoice/receipt

All site visits are charged at £45.00 in the Liverpool & Merseyside areas only. 

We can provide a same day price quote with the data we compile. Also, as a paperless company, all quote documentation is digitally signed and emailed to you for future reference. (usually within 3 working days)

Even if you choose not to use our printed concrete services the written quotes you have from us will be a helpful guide to compare with other quotes and you will have a cable locator document at hand when required.

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